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Boxelder Bug

May 14th, 2019

Plants Affected:

Found predominantly on boxelder but may be found feeding on maples and other plants.


Boxelder bugs are black with orange borders on the wing covers.  They do not cause damage to the plants associated with them.  Their favorite foods is boxelder seed pods found on female boxelders.  They do not bite people nor damage plants but are a nuisance when they migrate into homes.

Life Cycle:

This insect overwinters as an adult in protected areas.  Eggs are laid in trees in spring and hatch soon after.  Populations may peak in any given year resulting in massive infestations.


Although boxelder bugs do not affect plants their activity in homes can become objectionable enough to warrant treatment.  Boxelder trees and south or west building foundations where the insects congregate should be sprayed.  Any exterior treatments would be done in conjunction with interior sprays by a licensed pest control company.